Choranai is a musician, singer and songwriter from Queensland.
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Dingo Way

Back in the day my little sister and I both made up a bus company and wrote a jingle for it. We recorded it and kept...

Plastic Bag in the Wind

I captured a plastic bag in the wind on one of my walks with the boys through the burbs.   [no_blockquote text="Plastic bag in the wind… classic American...

Bird of Prey

Welcome to 2016

Welcome 2016! I’ve taken the time to revamp my new website, in a hope to motivate me to post more of my art, music ventures and...

The Music Evolution

The meaning of life was music.  The purpose of life was music.  This was my belief for about 10 years after I wrote my first song...

Brisbane Skyline

Planning Utopia of Different Generations

Planners interact daily with a diverse range of people from different generations.  According to the psychological theory, each generation will typically exhibit characteristics.  It’s these characteristics...


Japanese Pharmacy Obsession #1

I love Japan. My husband and I have been there 3 times now, and we consider it our adoptive country. I have many friends who have...