Choranai is a musician, singer and songwriter from Queensland.
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Hi there!  My name is Choranai and I am a musician and town planner.  I love to entertain through creating music, playing and learning new instruments, making art, and sharing my thoughts on town planning, art, and travel.  My website is a creative space that I can share my passions with the world, and display my love of all artistic things that inspire me.

I am happily married and we welcomed twin boys to our family in 2016.  My favour “colour” is black and that also describes my wardrobe since 1998.  I am very thankful for online shopping and parcel post.  I am obsessed with infrastructure.  Describing anything in metaphor is my second language.


Choranai initially began her love affair with music at the age of 10, when her father bought her first guitar in 1992. With an old second hand nylon string classical guitar, she taught herself how to play the 6-string wonder by reading a “Learn to Play Guitar” book.

In 1996 she discovered the bass guitar and concerted her energy as a bassist for a number of local bands over the following years, winning several ‘best bassist’ awards at a number of Rock Award competitions throughout Brisbane within her heats. In 1997, she achieved a ‘Honors’ certificate for Grade One – Modern Bass through ANZCA.

Choranai did not however give up the 6-strings whilst being a committed bassist. She began songwriting the same time she started playing the bass guitar in 1996, and has professed to being a solo singer/songwriter since late 1997.

Not only a musician, Choranai lives a professional life as a town planner.  Choranai has been a town planner since 2003 and is a tertiary qualified professional, working in the private sector and in local government. She is currently based in South East Queensland.