Welcome to Choranai.com 2016
Choranai is a musician, singer and songwriter from Queensland.
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Welcome to Choranai.com 2016

Bird of Prey

Welcome to Choranai.com 2016

Welcome 2016! I’ve taken the time to revamp my new website, in a hope to motivate me to post more of my art, music ventures and work passions and share it with the world.  


My hopes and dreams for 2016 is to write new music, create more art, reinvigorate my sentiment for town planning and urban design, and to cherish every moment as a new mother to twin boys who were born in January this year.  
So drop me a line or two if you like my page!  

Choranai Lim

I'm a musician and town planner from Queensland, Australia. I love creating music, playing music, making art and sharing my thoughts on town planning, art and travel.

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