Planning Utopia of Different Generations
Choranai is a musician, singer and songwriter from Queensland.
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Planning Utopia of Different Generations

Brisbane Skyline

Planning Utopia of Different Generations

Planners interact daily with a diverse range of people from different generations.  According to the psychological theory, each generation will typically exhibit characteristics.  It’s these characteristics that could potentially influence the perception of people and place.  I’d like to explore this a bit further.  Is the reality of a shared vision for implementing our future be achieved amongst the generational mix of planners in today’s traditional workplace?


From what “they” say from a work ethics point of view, Baby Boomers will often over commit themselves for the long term, endure difficulties, and proactively problem solve. Generation X prefers quality over quantity, focus on goals, and rely on technical facts.  Generation Y tend to be more interested in effecting change and making an impact, focus on expressing oneself as opposed to being defined by the conventional definition, and want immediate results.  In my field of Development Assessment the interaction between these traits can result in a variety of misunderstandings, subsequently causing frustration and conflict with desired outcomes especially throughout decision making processes.


Is it possible to overcome these typical generation traits, and achieve a common perception of expectations and outcomes amongst the different generations? Can a common vision for creating a perfect space ever be achieved having regard to the set ways of the psychology behind the mix of generations?


I’ll be using my blog to discuss and explore these questions from a development assessment planning perspective, present case studies that will either confirm or refute whether the generational traits impact on decision making processes, and form an opinion as to whether the generational mix of planners in today’s traditional workplace can share a cohesive opinion on building a utopian world.  

Choranai Lim

I'm a musician and town planner from Queensland, Australia. I love creating music, playing music, making art and sharing my thoughts on town planning, art and travel.

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