2016 April
Choranai is a musician, singer and songwriter from Queensland.
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April 2016

Bird of Prey

Welcome to Choranai.com 2016

Welcome 2016! I’ve taken the time to revamp my new website, in a hope to motivate me to post more of my art, music ventures and work passions and share it with the world.     My hopes and dreams for 2016 is to write new music, create more art, reinvigorate my sentiment for town planning and urban design, and to cherish every moment as a new mother to twin boys who were born in January this year.   So drop me a line or two if you like my page!  ...

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The Music Evolution

The meaning of life was music.  The purpose of life was music.  This was my belief for about 10 years after I wrote my first song when I was 14 years old.  Then life changed, I went down a different career path.  I stopped writing music… then I started up again… then I couldn’t write… my muse was nowhere to be seen.  Then it appeared again and I wrote about 3 songs, decided I didn’t like them - got frustrated - and now I’m back to square one.  So I decided to simply play covers for myself.  I’m happy playing cover music at the moment because at least I’m playing music, practicing singing… and I’m actually enjoying the no-stress music zone.      [caption id="attachment_50764" align="alignnone" width="190"] 2006 Choranai[/caption]   My love for music...

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Brisbane Skyline

Planning Utopia of Different Generations

Planners interact daily with a diverse range of people from different generations.  According to the psychological theory, each generation will typically exhibit characteristics.  It’s these characteristics that could potentially influence the perception of people and place.  I’d like to explore this a bit further.  Is the reality of a shared vision for implementing our future be achieved amongst the generational mix of planners in today’s traditional workplace?   From what “they” say from a work ethics point of view, Baby Boomers will often over commit themselves for the long term, endure difficulties, and proactively problem solve. Generation X prefers quality over quantity, focus on goals, and rely on technical facts.  Generation Y tend to be more interested in effecting change and making an impact, focus on expressing oneself as opposed to being...

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Japanese Pharmacy Obsession #1

I love Japan. My husband and I have been there 3 times now, and we consider it our adoptive country. I have many friends who have lived there for a number of years during different stages of their lives, and I can completely understand the attraction to do this. Unfortunately for me, I think the reality of living in Japan has passed and my life choices don’t make it viable to do this now or in the future. So for now, Japan will remain our #1 travel destination, particularly for the snow, and my love affair with the country will continue to blossom.   One of my favourite things to do in Japan is to go pharmacy shopping! My sister, Kimba, understands me as she has the same obsession. We go into...

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