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Choranai is a musician, singer and songwriter from Queensland.
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The Music Evolution

The meaning of life was music.  The purpose of life was music.  This was my belief for about 10 years after I wrote my first song when I was 14 years old.  Then life changed, I went down a different career path.  I stopped writing music… then I started up again… then I couldn’t write… my muse was nowhere to be seen.  Then it appeared again and I wrote about 3 songs, decided I didn’t like them - got frustrated - and now I’m back to square one.  So I decided to simply play covers for myself.  I’m happy playing cover music at the moment because at least I’m playing music, practicing singing… and I’m actually enjoying the no-stress music zone.      [caption id="attachment_50764" align="alignnone" width="190"] 2006 Choranai[/caption]   My love for music...

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