Choranai | Plastic Bag in the Wind
Choranai is a musician, singer and songwriter from Brisbane.
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Plastic Bag in the Wind

Plastic Bag in the Wind

I captured a plastic bag in the wind on one of my walks with the boys through the burbs.


Plastic bag in the wind… classic American Beauty style.



I’m not a big watcher of movies.  I wanted to see The Martian at the drive-in but we never got around to it as I was pregnant and uncomfortable… and by the time it was available to rent I have never gotten around to watching it.  Paddy’s seen it… he watched it thinking I didn’t want to watch it, but I did… but now that he’s seen it I don’t think I’ll end up watching it because I don’t like watching movies by myself.  I don’t really have the time to watch movies during the day because I get so interrupted taking care of the boys.


Anyway, I digress.


Plastic bag in the wind… classic American Beauty style.  I captured it purely because it reminded me of the movie.  Classic.  Life in the burbs.  It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, there will always be a plastic bag in the wind.

Choranai Lim

I'm a musician and town planner residing in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I love creating music, playing music, making art and sharing my thoughts on town planning, art, travel, and living life in South East Queensland.

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